Taking Firepower Forward: The world’s most popular and influential joint fires conference

DefenceIQ is delighted to announce that this year's future artillery conference will be taking place in London, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Royal Artillery's founding in 2017. Register your interest here>>

The community is gathering to confront the most pressing issues in the joint fires realm. Artillery is fast re-establishing itself as an indispensable tactical instrument, vital for both self-defence and expeditionary warfare. It is essential that the military users and the universe of suppliers meet for a candid exchange of views, in order to ensure that artillery capabilities are maintained and developed for future operations.

We are preparing to welcome over 180 delegates from more than 25 nations at our 2016 event; Future Artillery truly is the AGM of the artillery world. We hope you can join us in 2016 for in depth discussions on the latest challenges and the future direction of indirect and joint fires. Request a sample attendee list here >>

Highlights of Future Artillery 2017:

  • Benefit from a series of case studies examining the use of Medium Weight Artillery
  • Study the various solutions currently available to mechanise and mobilise systems, in order to render your fire support more flexible capability
  • Engage with the vibrant and diverse international community of artillery commanders in order to learn how they intend to satisfy operational requirements in the short and medium term
  • Network with foreign artillery counterparts and industry thought leaders, to harness a global pool of knowledge and experience, in order to develop your own capabilities and joint fires doctrine

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