13 - 15 May, 2019
Stamford Bridge, London, UK

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Download the 2018 Agenda

Download the agenda for the Future Artillery conference, which is being held at Stamford Bridge in London, from 14th to 16th May 2018.The 2018 agenda includes information about the event including the confirmed attendees, such as:Major General Andrii Kolienniko ...

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A 'range-based arms race'? Perspectives on interoperability and the future of land-based fires

There is a sense of urgency within allied forces to reestablish their artillery capabilities, as they remain a vital asset for both self-defence and expeditionary warfare; by 2027, the Global Artillery and Systems market is projected to reach US$10.4 billion.Ahead of Future Artillery 2018, ...

Global market report 2017 - 2018

In this complimentary global market report, learn the latest programme developments of countries from all around the world, some of which will be present at the conference: Finland, the U.S., France, Czech Republic, Israel and many more.

Future Artillery 2018: Industry Insight

Ahead of Future Artillery 2018, Defence IQ sought to understand how key partners of the conference see the future of the artillery market and how that impacts the solutions they offer on the market.In this exclusive report, Yishai Ziv, Marketing Manager at Rafael and Paul Daniels, Internat ...

Artillery Challenges: From East to West

Last year, Future Artillery welcomed over 180 delegates from more than 25 nations. Among them were representatives from as far a field as the contested South Pacific to the tense borders of Eastern Europe. Defence IQ caught up with two of the nations in at ...

The Future of Artillery: According to the Industry

Defence IQ’s world-renowned Future Artillery conference will be taking place (May 23-25) in association with the Royal Artillery, who celebrate their 300th anniversary this year. As always, it will host many of the w ...

What's troubling modern artillery forces?...Four nations speak out

March 2015 Ahead of Future Artillery 2015, four nations weigh in on where current challenges and priorities lie when it comes to enhancing their field artillery capabilities for an uncertain future. Whether in the struggle to ensure defence budgets or the ability to predict the type of conflict i ...

Ukraine and IS conflicts emphasise continued importance of artillery development

February 2015 Amid the contentious Ukraine ceasefire, the significance of artillery in modern conflict has again been underscored. Following the 12 February Minsk agreements, brokered by France and Germany, pro-Russian separatists have reportedly con ...

Fire Support and the Operational Environment Through 2030

At the 2017 Future Artillery Conference, Dwayne D Hynes, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 From U.S. Army gave this exclusive presentation on Fire Support and the Operational Environment Through 2030. To give you an idea of the high level sessions at the Future Artillery events, I invite you to dow ...

2017 Sample Attendee List

Download the sample attendee list from 2017 to find out who you can expect to attend the 2018 conference. 

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Coordinating Fires: Q&A with Lt Col Brian Russell, USMC

January 2015 Each year, Future Artillery 2015 provides international forces with the platform to discuss proactive and adaptable methods when it comes to the joint fires environment of tomorrow. This includes the need to synchronize the operations of all involved parties, enhance training, and incorporate innovative communication and precision technology....

The Past and the Future of the Royal Artillery

Review the UK Royal Artillery's Field Artillery U.S. Exchange Officer, Major Aaron D. Bright 2014 Presentation here.

Sample Attendee List 2018

Sample Attendee List - Future Artillery 2018

Download the sample attendee list to get a preview of who you might meet on site at Future Artillery this May.